The Most Fatal Mistake Home Sellers Make


Find out the most fatal mistake sellers make when selling their home.

You have spent weeks de-cluttering your home, painted the walls, made the curb appeal look spectacular.  The sign is installed, the photos are taken your home looks amazing, so what can go wrong? Surely your home will sell in days fight

Except for one fatal mistake..... You over priced your home.

Here are the 8 top reasons this is such a big mistake.

1. Real Estate agents know the values In your area, they will tell their buyers the home is  overpriced.

2. Buyers will be touring similar homes in your neighborhood, they will see for themselves it's overpriced.

3. Even in a "hot market" the house stays on the market a lot longer than the average days on market for the area.

4. Buyers won't think you're serious about selling or they think you are too attached to it.

5. The listing will get stale and showings will dry up.

6. The right buyers won't even find your listing as they are searching at lower price points.

7. The home becomes stigmatized, "there must be something wrong with it".

8. Buyers don't want to offend the sellers by offering a "lowball" price, even if the offer is the real market value.

The one fact that you need to remember, only 5% of buyers are likely to see your home as they are busy searching more accurately priced homes.

The eventual sale price, if it ever sells, could even be below market value because of this one fatal mistake. So how do you avoid it?

Work with an honest Realtor, who knows your area,and who is not afraid to tell you the honest truth.

Tour similar homes in your area, be objective and honest with yourself.

Don't get greedy, it will never pay off.

The truth is, it doesn't really matter how much you want to sell your home for your home, no buyer is going to overpay for your home when they can buy similar homes in your neighborhood for less.  

Ask yourself this question, when the time comes to buy your next home are you willing to overpay for your next home?